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prime fit

£6 per class or £40 / 8 sessions

What is the Prime Fit Class?

 An effective way to get fit combining a wide variety of functional movements and working the different muscle groups together.

What are the benefits?

You get the benefit of a personal training experience at a fraction of the cost. Training with like minded people who have similar goals. 

Prime Fit can help you with:

  • Weight-loss

  • Fat Loss

  • Toning

  • Strength and conditioning 

  • Fitness and athletic performance 

What can I expect from PRIME?

Here at Prime we believe functional training can benefit every one resulting in a body that can adapt to real life situations, whilst still achieving the atheistic physique all clients’ want.

Prime Fit focusses on functional fitness, which is all about preparing your body to be ready for what life throws at you. It's no good squatting 150 kilos in the gym or even 10 kilos if the day after you bend down to pick your gym bag up and throw your back out.  You may have worked hard to be lean and toned but is your body ready to handle real life situations?

Conventional training isolates muscle groups but it does not teach muscle groups you're working to work with others.


The key to functional training is integration; it’s about teaching all the muscle groups to work together rather than isolating them to work independantly

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